Monday, March 4, 2013

First day of service in Guyana is complete! I was blessed to be able to travel with Mardia to the Dave Rose School that teaches hearing impaired and developmentally disabled children. We arrived during prayer time and we were introduced to the entire student body. It was quite an experience! The deaf children created a "sign name" for me (put an L to your forehead and then swipe from one side to the other). Afterwards, all the children wanted to shake my hand and greet me. After a quick tour, I was placed in a "Grade 1" classroom. I use the term loosely because there isn't really a system. The children move up a class when the teachers think they are ready. I interacted with students of all sorts. Some had Autism while others had Down's Syndrome. Their teacher was an incredible woman in her late twenties. The care and compassion for her students was evident. There was one girl in particular that was attached at my hip. Her name was Shania and she was always smiling at me. She was extremely patient with me when I was not able to understand her. It's funny how we are both speaking English, but sometimes it seems like a foreign language. I have found that I have started to pick up a Guyanese accent on certain words.

The biggest lesson I learned today was how similar we all are. There are many ethnicity's here along with people of all different ability levels. Yet, despite all the differences, we are similar in more ways than we could ever imagine. I have learned a humbling lesson in accepting people no matter how they are.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to the same school. I cannot wait to meet a new classroom of students. In the afternoon, we will be going to the boy's orphange to run around and play soccer! I am so very excited. That is all for now!

Love and miss you all,

Laura :)


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write---sounds amazing!

  2. You're a good story-teller, Laura - glad to learn of your experiences and your reactions - yes, the world is quite a diverse place and our own experiences are never more than a tiny glimpse of the whole wonder!

    Please tell Sr. Nancy to check her e-mail for a note from me. Thanks.