Monday, March 4, 2013

First day out doing service

Today was our first day out experiencing Guyana. The people here are really friendly. Everyone says hi and waves when you walk by. Even at the young boys orphanage that some of us went to today they were very kind. I liked going to the orphanage and look forward to going back tomorrow. The heat isn't what I'm use to and it drains my energy fast. I got to try many different fruits and local dishes that are a stable here in Guyana. So far from what I can remember I've had plantains, coconut, salmon, an awesome potato dish, and curry chicken. So far I've enjoyed all the food I've tasted. There are many animals roaming free along the road. They include horses, goats, donkeys, dogs, and a few cats. The place we are staying is the St. Paul's Retreat center. The women that cook our meals are wonderful and I'm very appreciative of their hospitality and cooking.

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