Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am extremely proud yet humbled to have been invited on this trip to Guyana. This was a dream come true to be able to travel to South America. To be traveling and realizing a dream yet  giving back to the less fortunate makes it much more meaningful for me. I had expectations of an easy time here,physically yes it has been, emotionally and mentally, its been tough. The people of the country have been welcoming and very hospitable. Many have what we would say "go out of their way" to talk to us, holler at us from their porches from across the street or from their balconies. We have had an amazing array of fresh fruits direct from the source, many of them, many of us have never tried let alone heard of. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, in the warm 90's with a constant breeze and usually Reggae music playing in the background. The birds are always singing and you can hear the calmness of the area. Very relaxing and beautiful!!

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