Monday, March 4, 2013

Memories from Sunday

Here we are, already at the end of the first day here in beautiful and warm Guyana. I find myself entirely fascinated by everything here. There is no doubt that we are in a completely different culture. I was pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the Guyanese. We were visited by our driver for the week, Vino, and his wife, Theresa. They warmly welcomed us to Guyana. Later on, we visited them at the site of their new tire repair shop. While there, we were treated to a wide variety of home cooked food that included fried plantain, curry chicken, a fried bread made with chickpeas, ginger beer, and fresh fried peanuts. To top it off, Vino went out and bought a giant sugarcane. He then took a machete, cut up the cane, and gave it to us. I've never experienced sugar in this form before, but I must say that nothing comes close to the deliciousness of it. When we thanked them for the hospitality, they told us that everyone in Guyana would treat us the same way. 
While walking on the streets near the retreat center, we were acknowledged or greeted by everyone we passed. People waved to us and shouted "Good Afternoon!". As a group, we certainly garnered a great deal of attention. At first I thought it might be my florescent green tank top and my purple shorts. However, the more logical reason was my pale complexion. I have never had the experience where I felt uncomfortable for being of a lighter complexion. Not one person said or did anything to make me feel uneasy; it was more of an internal thing. The experience was a humbling one and a great lesson. When you come from a small town in rural Pennsylvania, diversity is very low. It was the first time in my life that I was the minority in a situation. I hope that I will always remember this experience and be able to put it to use in the future. 

I am anxiously waiting for morning as we head out on our first day of service. I am forcing myself to rid any expectations or preconceived notions that I have in hopes that I will keep an open mind regardless of what I end up doing. Please pray that we keep open hearts and open minds. I love and miss you all back home.

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  1. Praying for you all! So proud of you all being willing to give back! Make sure you tell Vino and Theresa and their entire family that Luke says hello; hopefully they'll remember me haha. Also, whoever is working at the orphanage, tell Kobe that Luke says hello and misses him! Look forward to hearing all of your great stories. Much love and God Bless!

    -Luke Fragello