Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New experiences in Guyana

Today our whole group went to the public nursing home for the elderly. It was called 'The Palms.' I got the chance to talk to many of the men and women residents that stayed there. The men and women had their own separate wards. In total there were 8 wards. A lady named Merasa Squires was a nurse at The Palms. She talked to me about the ward she worked in and how her husband is in the Buffalo, NY working in maintenance for lofts. She hopes to come join her husband soon. She said the phrase 'Good things come to those who wait.' When she said that I was struck and it seemed to be even more realistic than when I would use the phrase because of her working conditions, low pay, the residents lack of food to eat, and just everything put together. One of the patients named George asked me for a pair of sunglasses so he could read outside without hurting his already deteriorating eyes. We told the sisters and they planned to go get them for him that day! It amazes me how the older sisters go to The Palms every Wednesday morning to visit all the residents there and give them sweets. That sure is dedication!
We got the opportunity also today to pet and feed endangered manatees. We used grasses that they eat and kind of swished ten in the water to get their attention. It was delightful and exciting to pet such a graceful creature. Some of them would roll over for you to rub their bellies.
I'm looking forward to go back to The Palms tomorrow especially because I can observe the physical therapy department. :)

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