Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today was another amazing day. We all had the chance to visit The Palms a public nursing home here in Georgetown. The men and women there were happy and very welcoming each one of them replied I’m doing well by the grace of God or I’m doing well thanks to God, when I asked them how they were. Their faith and view of God is inspiring. First I met Jean who was reading her bible the book of Psalm and she said it is here favorite book because it’s full with praises. I read to her few verses and she told me the reasons why he’s always praising God that was touching. Another lady I mat was Ester or should I say “Queen Ester” she has a voice on her, goodness she’s like a walking Word(Bible) she spook so much truth and brought light to some areas to my life.
So much to talk about but these bugs are eating me alive. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about my experience at the David Rose School. I was there Monday and Tuesday with the deaf and hard hearing students I am going back tomorrow and I need all the rest I can get tonight. They make me smile :)
 man! The fruits here are mmm good!

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