Friday, March 1, 2013


Only a couple hours left before we depart for our trip to Guyana. I'm excited for the new experiences through the people I will meet. My high anticipation for this trip is to learn about the Guyanese fatith and religion. By learning what their belief system and how their way of living coincides, I can achieve my goal. I hope to leave and take home with me a powerful message, that compassion is the key to hope and happiness through service.

This is my first time traveling outside the United States. That makes me a little worried and nervous, but I know I will be surrounded with caring and wonderful people. I have to admit I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. Once we arrive and hit that climate change I hope my body takes it all in. The cold, wintery mix of weather dampens your mood sometimes. I think all of the people going on the trip will enjoy this weather just as much as me. I'm bringing two cameras but I feel I will need more than that. What pictures I don't take will be kept in my memory for the rest on my life to remind me of the beauty and experience in it's entirety.

Stacey Mowery

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  1. Thinking of all of you today and hoping that the trip is going well!